June 6, 2015
Cisco | 2007 – 2013

Cisco Networking Academy Marketing Communications
Duration: 6 Years (2007-2013)
Role: Marketing Program Manager
Cisco communicates with Academies around the world to inform, engage and inspire Instructors, Students and Other Important roles around the world.


  • Performed trend analysis to reduce the cost of product communication by $30,000/year
  • Successful planning and execution of the project, ‘Instructor Professional Development Training Resources.’
  • Improved efficiency of team and reduced cost by 20% through planned processes & training documentation
  • Reduced IT operational costs by 50%, and improved communication systems.


  • Managed the content for twelve different post-login sites for the Cisco Networking Academy
  • Socialized upcoming events, news, updates, and important info to Instructors, Students and larger community
  • Managed the Cisco Networking Academy Post Login Website content in 8 different languages which included: Success Stories, White Papers, Banners, Email Templates, Signage, Letterheads, Logos, Color Palates, and others
  • Streamlined workflows for the team and reduced cost by 20% through training and new process re-engineering
  • Planned and implemented communication solutions in Cisco NetSpace by implementing agile process
  • Managed Facebook site for Cisco Networking academy having 750K active subscribers

Additional Information

  • Curricula Updates
  • Voucher Promotions
  • Learning Assessment Tools Updates
  • Conference
  • Webinars, Invites etc.
 int-mkt-comms  External Marketing CommunicationsTargeted audience

  • Students
  • Instructors
  • Admins
  • Academy Roles
 ext-mktg-comms  Internal Marketing Communications

Cisco Networking Academy Post-Login Website Content Management

  • Marketing Co-laterals in eight different Languages (Success Stories, White Papers, Banners, Email
  • Templates, Signage, Letterheads, Logos, Color Palates, Presentations Materials etc.)
  • Resources for the Online Course Assessments
  • Online Course Materials (At-A-Glance, Datasheets, and Curriculum Materials)




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